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If you have lost your pet

Dogs and cats picked up by animal control officers in north Utah County, including Orem, are brought to the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Lindon.

In Provo and other areas of south Utah County, animals are taken to the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter, located in Spanish Fork. South Utah Valley Animal Shelter also accommodates large animals (livestock), while North Utah Valley Animal Shelter does not.

North Utah Valley Animal Shelter

Every attempt is made to reunite lost pets with their owner. All animals that enter the shelter are scanned for a microchip, but even that method of locating a pet’s owner is not 100% reliable.

If you have lost a pet we suggest you contact or visit the shelter immediately.

orange tabby cat

Stray animals

If you have found an animal that is not yours please bring it to North Utah Valley Animal Shelter, where it has the best chance of being reunited with its owner.

Surrendering a pet

There is a fee to surrender an owned animal over to the animal shelter – $50 per animal for North District residents, $100 per animal for out of district residents.  The animal becomes the property of the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter once it has been surrendered.  Pet Surrender Form  PDF


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