Animal Adoption

When you adopt a dog or cat from your local animal shelter, you not only get a wonderful pet at an economical price; you save an animal’s life!

At North Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Lindon you will find a great selection of dogs and cats to choose from. This page has information about pet adoption fees, five reasons to adopt a shelter dog or cat, plus tips on how to successfully adopt a shelter dog.

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Dog Adoption Fees

Altered (spayed/neutered) male or female:  $52
Unaltered male:  $132
Unaltered female:  $157

Adoption fee includes:
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • 1st Set of DHPPC Vaccines
  • Dog License
  • Spay/Neuter Voucher (unaltered animals)


Cat Adoption Fees

Altered (spayed/neutered) male or female:  $37
Unaltered male or female:  $82

Adoption fee includes:
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • 1st set of Feline Vaccines
  • Spay/Neuter Voucher (unaltered animals)

*All adoptions stop 30 minutes prior to closing.



5 reasons to adopt  a shelter dog or cat

  1. You’ll save a life.
  2. You’ll get a healthy pet.
  3. You’ll save money.
  4. You’ll feel better.
  5. You won’t be supporting puppy mills.

Source: The Humane Society of the United States


Video: Tips for adopting a dog

“. . . Adopting an adult dog is a really great option as well. Adult dogs often times are already house trained and we have a really good idea of what their behavior and their temperament is. So it’s a little easier to make that fit with a family. . . .

“Don’t forget that there are lots of dogs for adoption through your local animal shelter, animal control facility, and breed rescue organizations. The shelter staff is there to help you make the right selection.”

-Dr. Julie Dinnage, Association of Shelter Veterinarians


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