How HOT does it get in a parked car?

Sometimes pet owners take their pets along on errands and leave them in the car. Although the owner may not intend to leave their pet in the car very long, things happen. Conversations go longer than planned, longer lines not anticipated, or just plain forgot the pet was in the car, are a few examples that have put a pet in harm’s way. This time in the car can be deadly for your pet.

Just how hot can it get in a car?

A little heat outside, a car can quickly make it very hot inside. On a day of only 85˚F outside, with the windows cracked (to keep your pet inside and safe), will cause inside temperatures to climb to 102˚ in 10 minutes, and 120˚ in 20 minutes.

What can happen to my pet?

Even when parked in the shade on a warm day, animals can succumb to heatstroke or death within minutes, if left in the car unattended.

Sadly, it happens every year. Those pet owners that have had this happen to their pets, have all said the same thing…”I was only going to be gone for a few minutes”.

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